10:00pm September 30, 2014
8:01pm September 30, 2014
1-2/100Favorite pictures of Chris Hemsworth.
7:01pm September 30, 2014
Chris Hemsworth talks Thor 3 & Avengers: Age of Ultron [x]
9:54am September 30, 2014

ravingsamurai reblogged your post I want to confess something that abso… and added:

I would tell the truth! Who knows, maybe she won’t mind that you aren’t male!

The problem with that is that I actually am married. And while my husband might not mind me doing stuff with another woman, I’m fairly submissive myself. Plus this girl hasn’t outright said it, but she’s kind of implied she’s completely straight.

10:00pm September 29, 2014



"Wait. Just—can’t we talk about this first?”

"Fine. Then consider this my exclamation mark.”

Based on this little nugget of fried gold — (x)

8:01pm September 29, 2014

Loki x Thor commission~


Loki x Thor commission~